Largescaled scorpionfish

Scorpaena scrofa (also called scorpion, red scorpion, redfish, scorpion fish, rascasote, rascasa, rascacio and in the Canary Islands Cantarero) is a fish of the scorpaenidae family that is red in color and covered in spines. The spiny rays are connected to venom glands that can cause great pain, inflammation, and even fever. Its weight can reach almost 3 kg but specimens of more than 1.5-2 kg are rare. It is normally found at depths from 10 to 500 m, although it is possible to find them with little water half buried in the sand.3

In gastronomy it is a highly valued, high quality fish.

In Catalonia it is prepared cooked with potatoes, in a famous dish known as “suquet de peix”.

It is common to make a cake of this fish, known as scorpionfish cake.

In Malaga it is used to make a potato stew called emblanco.

In the areas of Cartagena and Mar Menor, it is one of the main fish used to make the typical Mar Menor cauldron.

In Asturias it is used for a typical cake, pâté de scorpion fish.

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